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The Artists

Rebecca and Christine Kornman are a mother and daughter team both from graphics backgrounds. Their contemporary works are inspired by colour, body form and New Zealand landscape. Rebecca paints in heavy textural mono oils and Christine mixed media. Their gallery, formerly and old cellar, allows the freedom to work on large canvas - commissions are welcome.

Christine Kornman

Coming from a family where painters and potters abound. I was part of my mothers art classes at 10 years old and was set on an art career by then. My mother and youngest sister are serious painters and my father and 2 brothers were full time potters with only one now continuing in the trade. I trained as a graphic artist in Auckland and returned to Hamilton working in newspaper and advertising agencies. Family commitments then took me out of the art world for a time, but I returned with vigour discovering colour and large canvas. This forced the move from home into a shared working studio with my daughter Rebecca who shares the same passion for painting as I do. I am influenced by nature, life form and my Christianity. My preferred medium is mixed media/collage in a contemporary way.

Rebecca Kornman

Being born into a creative family, it has seemed a natural progression to continue doing the things I enjoy, one of which is painting. Encouraged throughout school, I excelled in the area of painting. From school, I then like my mother, also trained as a Graphic Designer at AUT (Then AIT) in Auckland. These days I spread my time between Auckland and working as a Graphic Designer, plus a mother of two young children, to painting and running the gallery with my mother. Having a studio/gallery enables me to continue to enjoy my passion for painting, which is an ever evolving journey of life, always full of surprises. I work predominantly in oils on large canvas in a surrealist way through to abstraction.



Hours: Thursday - Saturday 10.30am - 3.30pm or by appointment
After Hours: Christine 021 231 3020
Address: 1373B Victoria Street North, HAMILTON
  (at the Beerescourt shops, through the gate, down the alley)





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